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About Sam

I'm 29 and working all around London, doing all kinds of exciting projects and working with all sorts of interesting people. I find most of my time is spent doing gigs and local music events which suits me down-to-a-tea.

However, my true interest lies with creating bespoke music videos. From start to finish I enjoy the military style planning of making my ideas become a reality. I don't just work to make ends meet, I only take on projects I know I can invest all my time into.

I have all sorts of filming qualifications, including theory, writing, 16mm, digital, and even some photography. I studied mostly at Southgate college, and went onto SAE university before I went out on my own.

I think if I said "filming was my life", I'd just be another typical mindless serealist who thinks browns are the new blacks and Planking is cool. Instead, when I'm not doing film work I spend my time expanding and organising poker tournaments around the North London area. QuadSevens has been running for a couple years now, and helps pay those bills.

For the future, I hope to divulge into commercial development and maybe start working with a few big names to finally get my work out there on national or global scale.

I'm available for work now, to discuss any ideas you have or events you've got going on, don't hesitate to contact me.

    Live gigs:
£80* gets you a two tracks with one camera, plus some basic editing to put it all together.

£20 for any additional tracks on the night.

If you want more angles and more creativity, you'll need another camera and operator. This will be an additional £80 for a second the crew member.

*Travel is not included and must be reinburst.
Estimated at £10 inside the M25 and £20-£80 outside.

    Music video:
I work to your budget and schedule. Which makes it impossible to suggest any figures for a music video. Give me a call and we can discuss your ideas and what I feel we can accomplish together: 0775 188 1112

    Camera Operator / Director of photography:
£50ph, plain and simple

This can vary from £160 for half a day (4hours), to £220 for the full days work (8hours). However, these rates can vary according to the workload.

I'm a diverse film maker and will happily discuss all sorts of projects, even if they're not on this list.

0775 188 1112


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I’m a london man working in and around the city.
I work with some of the latest and greatest
studio equipment to ensure all my creativity
gets captured in stunning digital quality.